FROM THE WIRE #204 (February 2001)
Size Matters (A new column for 3", 7", 10" and other misshapes)

As Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton told us, we are islands in the stream. This especially rings true for bedroom electronic musicians who release their driftworks on disconnected 'nanolabels.' The Archipelago is a loosely structured alignment of stylistically and geographically scattered musicians floating around the Bay Area's slipstream and beyond. Their series of 3" CDs is called, unsurprisingly, Islands, each with a different artist. On Lunatic (Archipelago #3 (1) 3"CD) Rhomb (a duo of Nathan Kreisberg and Michael Bentley) explore lunar landscapes via particulated chimes and antigravity synth dust that are vaguely reminiscent of Anthony Manning. Their deep space orientation comes into clear focus when you learn their career was kickstarted by Malcolm Cecil of Tonto's Expanding Head Band. Fans of eM's Greater than Zero Less than One (you know who you are) might be perturbed by the presence of a human voice on Click Pop (Archipelago #3 (6) 3"CD). Where Greater than Zero Less than One explored the literal and theoretical hyperspace inside a Powerbook, Click Pop is more of an effort to impose the computer's binary crackle logic on the real world. Thermal's Span (Archipelago #3 (4) 3"CD) begins with the sound of Hannibal conquering Europe with an army of insects instead of elephants before soothing in 18 minutes of Derrick May programming the blues. Discs by Csero, Seofon and Dean Santomieri complete the set.